“When the sun will enter the crusp of Aries

the Great King of fear will come from the sky

the lost heralds will rise

the Age of Uranus will begin”

(Anonymous Super-Human)

Age of Uranus is a role-playing game in which you can step into Super-human’s shoes and have a breathtaking adventure, whose main ingredients will be action, romanticism and suspense.

These Super-human have great power and limitless wealth, who live in a society riddled of intrigues and mysteries.

We are at the end of XX century, the world as you know it, is secretly governed by a Supernatural society, a group of SuperHuman Division confederate and supervisioned by the Senatus.

In this sublime and tormented world, invisible signs to ordinary mortals, leads to exclusive places, where SuperHuman meet and clash each other in order to make progress of their conspiracy and take possession of all the world’s riches. Symbols engraved in piece of art, tracked in ancient times, reveal paths which lead to power and truths long forgotten.

All SuperHuman yearning for supremacy on humans, and their own kind, and they know that to get it, they will be looking for the keys to solve the riddles that can barely see amoung the crosshatch of the renaissance masters’ figures, the score of the classical musicians’ compositions, the lines of Gothic writers’ novels.

In Supernatural society nothing is what it seems, and you’ll have to move in this world…